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Best Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments in Dubai

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Best Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments in Dubai

Best Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments in Dubai

Small apartments can take a lot of work for interior design. Despite the limite­d space, creating an inviting, trendy, and functional ambiance­ is definitely achievable­.

Howeve­r, armed with some nifty tricks and creative­ solutions, you can turn your modest apartme­nt into a welcoming and charming abode.

From arranging furniture to se­lecting colors, finding storage solutions, and getting de­corating inspiration, there are ple­nty of ways to maximize the space in your small apartme­nt. Below are some top inte­rior design tips tailored for small apartments in Dubai.

Top Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments Dubai

Choose Natural Colors

Opt for light neutral color sche­mes in a small space; when you’re in a tight spot, go for colors like white or off-white. It will work wonde­rs, making your rooms look bigger and more airy.

Avoid dark colors like navy black or red re­d, as they can make spaces feel closed in and cramped. Inste­ad consider soft hues like light gray be­ige or pale blue.

Not only will lighter wall colors create an open, spacious look, but they also allow you to decorate with pops of color that stand out. A bright painting or vibrant pillows will complement neutral foundations.

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Finding furniture that serves multiple purposes is key for small apartments in Dubai. Look for sofas with storage space underneath, beds with built-in drawers, coffee tables with shelving, and ottomans that open up. 

Multifunctional furniture takes advantage of vertical space, keeping items and clutter out of sight. 

For your kitchen or dining area, consider a table that folds out to seat more people or counter stools that can provide extra seating for guests. The more you can get out of each piece of furniture, the less crowded your space will feel.

Add Mirrors to Double the Space

Hanging mirrors is one of the easiest ways to make a small apartment interior design feel instantly larger and brighter. Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of a bigger room. Place a large mirror near a window to amplify natural light. 

You can also hang a mirrored cabinet or medicine chest in your bathroom to add storage without taking up floor space. Position mirrors across from windows or other mirrors to create an even greater sense of depth and dimension. And consider framing a mirror to double it as wall art.

Built-In Shelving and Storage

Maximizing storage is a must in a small apartment interior design. Evaluate the available wall space in your rooms and look for opportunities to add built-in shelving or cabinets. Built-ins keep items neat, tidy, and accessible while using up zero floor space. 

In the living room, built-in bookshelves flanking the window are great for displaying photos and treasured items. In the bedroom, built-in cabinets provide hidden storage around the bed. 

In the kitchen, custom shelves let you neatly organize spices, cookbooks, and barware. DIY cabinets are also an affordable option.

Best Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments in Dubai

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Suspend Shelving From the Ceiling

Here’s another space-saving storage solution: hang shelves or cabinets from your ceiling. Suspended shelves and cabinets elevate storage, freeing up floor and wall space. 

The dining area is the perfect spot to hang a shelf for dishes and glassware or mount shelving above the washer and dryer for laundry supplies. Floating shelves near the ceiling in the living room can display plants. 

Get creative with what you choose to store above eye level. Just be sure suspended storage is properly anchored and evaluate the weight capacity.

Extend Your Counter Space

Small kitchens can present storage and workspace challenges. But there are inexpensive, ingenious ways to extend your existing counter space.

Mounted rack shelving above the counters provides another surface to place appliances, spices, oils, and more. Dedicate a section of the wall to a magnetic knife strip, chalkboard, and additional hooks. 

You can also convert an adjacent wall into a functional backsplash with tiles, durable paint, or a large-mounted cutting board. For quick extra counter space, keep a rollable kitchen island or cart on hand that can be pulled out when needed.

Divide the Room Creatively

Don’t be afraid to divide open-concept spaces in a small apartment through creative room dividers. Floating shelves, partial walls, curtains, or screens can help delineate spaces for sleeping, working, cooking, etc. 

For example, a freestanding screen or shelving unit can separate your sleeping area from the living room. In a studio apartment, use a decorative screen or beaded curtains to define the office area.

Dividing the room makes spaces feel more intentional, while still allowing light and air to flow throughout.

Layer Rugs in Clever Ways

While a large area rug may not fit in a petite living room, you can break up a small space with layered rugs. Use a couple of overlapping smaller rugs to define sitting spaces. 

Or place narrow runner rugs perpendicular to guide foot traffic. Mixing up textures and patterns makes the rugs an intentional design choice versus a limitation. 

You can achieve a similar effect by staggering two different flooring types, like hardwood with a square of tile or linoleum. The layered look brings visual interest to every corner of the room.


Small apartments may present some challenges. But with the Luxe Interior Design Company Dubai, you can get solutions like light colors, multifunctional furniture, mirrors, and creative use of space, you can make a petite apartment feel open, stylish, and welcoming. 

Focus on brightening up the space, maximizing storage, and dividing rooms flexibly. Your small apartment can gain a big personality with these innovative decorating ideas. With a little creativity, you’ll love coming home to your beautiful, tiny oasis.

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