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In this world of the digital age, where everything is becoming digital and people have started storing everything in digital form, many people are also looking for a platform where they can store their images easily and vastly and they should not have any problem with those pictures and also they can share those pictures to the entire world which has become a global village in this digital age.


Like others, if you are also looking for a platform like this where you can easily store and share your images then now you don’t need to go anywhere else because we have got the solution to your problem and we have brought a platform for you where you can easily store and share your pictures with the entire world. is one of the most reliable in this regard where you can easily store and share all of your important images.


What is is a free Russian unlimited photo hosting where you can store unlimited pictures and also can share those pictures to the entire world. It is one of the most reliable hosts where you can store an unlimited number of digital images and albums without any doubt of losing data in any kind of source.


It is a fast and free hosting working since January 2006 on the project of storing digital images from all over the world. And now it has become a community of millions of users dedicated to beauty sharing.


It is a widely used hosting around the globe as of January 2022 approximately 75 million images are uploaded by the users on this hosting and almost 1.5 million people from all around the globe have registered themselves on this hosting and many more are registering themselves continuously. By the mid of 2022, its average monthly traffic is 14 million.


According to the data obtained in June 2022, has become one of the top 10 photo sites around the globe and by July 2022, it took first place in the rating of top 100 in culture and art photography.


It was so popular, even from the beginning, that it was launched in January 2006 and by October 2006 the number of registered users were close to 12,000 and the number of downloaded images from this source was up to one million.


Why do we use is one of the most popular and reliable hosts to save and share your images and also you can download and see other’s images from that particular source. And as you know, in this world of the digital age where nothing is secure when it goes on in the digital world but this specific system provides the security to your images as you want or require and you can also share images only with people you want and make it possible not to show your images to everyone. And this system also provides the option of unlimited data storage,  by signing into it and becoming a regular user, with a very fast speed.


Key features


In this world of digital age, where there is competition at each and every step, if a system is going top in all of its features, that means its features must be something to be noticed and to know about. So below are some key features of this system which make this system among one of the best. But to access all of these features, firstly you have to sign in to this system and become its regular user.


Unlimited data storage provides unlimited data storage to its users so that they can easily store data they want to store in the system and they won’t have any difficulty in storing their images or albums and their data, no matter how large it is, will be stored with ease.


Fast data uploading


System provides fast data uploading to its user where they can upload up to 300 images files at once and that too in just seconds where each file is up to 20 megabits in size, including up to 12 megapixels. Which makes the uploading as convenient as no one can even think of. This kind of speed of uploading of that kind of heavy files makes this system different from other systems.


Uploading via smartphone


The system also provides the feature of uploading files via smartphone which makes it more convenient to use for its users where they can upload images from anywhere by just a click on their smartphone. This is counted as one of the greatest features of this system which is missing in the previous version of it and other systems.


Order in albums


It also allows the user to set the images in the order they wanted or looking for in the albums so that it will become a memory for the user and he can also easily access any of the images he wanted as per the setter in the order without any wastage of time.


Search an image


Users can also search for any of the particular images stored in the system so that it becomes very easy for the users to find any of their stored images in any album immediately and without any waste of time. They can search an image by file name or album name in which the image has been stored. And users also can change the skin of the site for their convenience which helps a lot also in storing and fetching images.


Security of images


One of the most brilliant features of the system “” is the security it provides to files and images of the users. You can secure your images by blocking third parties from getting access to your personal pictures by creating a password and also can control who can see your pictures and who not which provides additional security to your personal data.


Communication through comments A world full of images


Another key functionality that is missing in a lot of systems is communication between the one who posts the image and one who is seeing that image. had also not added that feature in the start but now they have this functionality in their system where people can communicate through photo comments and also mark some of the pictures and albums of others as their favorites so that they can access them without any trouble in the future.

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Free of commercials


The system won’t have any commercials for their regular users and the working service is totally ad-free so that there won’t be any inconvenience for the users in terms of using the system while uploading or loading data or while communicating with others.


Fast loading speed


The system has a very fast loading speed where the loading speed of viewed images and full pages does not exceed one second on average. Which makes it very convenient for the user while searching for images or communicating with others on the system.




Even getting so much hype and traffic in the beginning, continues to enhance their functionality with the passage of time to meet the requirements of the people specially of the new generation which is mostly fully dependent on digital work and digital systems. They have added a lot of functionalities to their system with the passage of time.


In the beginning, the security wasn’t that good but with the passage of time the system has made it very strong and secure.


Likewise, communication with others was also not included in earlier versions, and also uploading of images was done by multimedia messaging service(MMS) but in the new version images can be uploaded through a smartphone and you can also communicate with others through photo commenting.




So the system with a lot of key features that are not present in other systems also has one blame to his name. Due to which it was also temporarily blocked for some time in the Russian Federation but was fully unblocked after clearing that blame.


Back in 2018 when a United States Army Staff Sgt. Richard Ciccarella was stationed at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, he uploaded topless pictures of a relative girl on due to which people started blaming the system for this movement.


A casual inspection of the website reveals it to be an anonymized imageboard, like 4chan and 8chan, that’s home to an active community of people sharing photos of children with sexually suggestive and overtly sexual statements.


But the public didn’t believe in that and wanted to block this system on July 8, 2021, the system was temporarily blocked in the Russian Federation but after some time on August 9, 2021, full unblocking was carried out by Roskomnadzor.


Conclusion is one of the systems you will be looking for if you want to store your digital images and albums safely. With the features of fast and easy uploading, high security, fast loading, and communication with others it is one of the best as well as top ranked in every aspect, and millions of people trust it in terms of storing their images and albums securely and also a number of unlimited data that they can easily access anytime anywhere with quite comfortable and also can upload unlimited data from anywhere with quite ease.


Is Imgsrc. ru free to use?

Yes, Imgsrc. All the above mentioned facilities are free to post images and to see or view the images in ru.

It remains to ask the question what kind of features Imgsrc possesses. ru?

Some of the important features of Imgsrc include the free storage space for storing as many photos as the user likes, formation of albums, permitting changes to the privacy level of a photo or an album, social features such as posting updates, and a highly intuitive and easy to use interface. ru.

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