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How to Choose the Perfect Size Rug for Your Home

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How to Choose the Perfect Size Rug for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Size Rug for Your Home

Rug sizing for a room can be a challenging task. To enhance the luxury of your lifestyle, however, the rug must be sufficiently sizable to delineate the area without becoming overpowering.

If you’re in se­arch of tips on selecting the rightsize­ rug effortlessly, look no further! Follow our guide­, and with a little planning and prep, you uncover the­ perfect rugs to ble­nd your room together seamle­ssly.

Steps to Follow When Picking the Perfect Size Rug

Measure the Room

Pay attention to any irregularities in the room shape as well to comply with the perfect looking interior. 

For living rooms and other conversational seating areas, you’ll want the front legs of the furniture sitting on the rug. 

Measure out about 24 inches from the front legs of the sofa or chairs to determine how far the rug should extend.

For dining rooms, measure from the table edge allowing at least the front legs of the chairs or bench to sit on the rug. 

Such interior details add great comfort and pleasure to your lifestyle. For bedrooms, you’ll want at least the front legs of the bed on the rug with around 18 inches of floor showing on either side. 

Make a quick sketch of the room layout and record the measurements to help visualize rugs and carpets size options.

Consider Traffic Flow

How you plan to use the room should guide what size rug you choose. In high-traffic areas, smaller rugs that leave more bare floors exposed tend to stay cleaner.  

Larger rugs can be used in living rooms or master bedrooms where most activity takes place on the rug.

If the room will have consistent foot traffic between doors or opening to other rooms, leave 16-18 inches of bare floor to maintain flow. Foyers and hallways often suit smaller rugs for this reason.

Choose the Right Size

With your room measurements and traffic flow notes handy, you can start evaluating what size rugs will work best. Here are some general size guidelines:

  • Living Rooms: Rugs should be large enough that all front furniture legs rest on the rug with 8-12 inches of bare floor showing around the edges. Rectangular rugs can be centered in the seating area or placed under just the front legs of the furniture. Size tip: 9×12 feet or larger.
  • Dining Rooms: The rug should allow the front legs of the chairs and table to sit on it with at least 18-24 inches of floor visible around the edges. Size tip: 8×10 feet or larger.
  • Bedrooms: Look for a rug that fits under the front legs of the bed with 1-2 feet of bare floor space on either side. Size tip: 8×10 feet or larger.
  • Entryways: Smaller rugs around 4×6 feet are ideal, large enough for one or two people to stand on when removing shoes but still leaving the bare floor exposed.
  • Small Spaces: Apartments and small rooms do best with smaller rugs, no larger than 8×10 feet. The rug should not touch the walls or extend into doorways.

Consider Proportions

The proportions of the Bedroom Carpets  need to align with the size of the room too. A rug that is too small gets lost, but one too large can be overpowering. 

In larger living are­as, the rug should cover approximate­ly two-thirds of the longest wall. In cases of square­ rooms, you can position the rug at the ce­nter or right under the furniture­s front edge.

In bedrooms, choose a rug width that is about two-thirds the width of the bed. The length can extend 1-2 feet past the bottom of the bed frame. 

Entryway and hallway rugs look best when they are approximately the same width as the hallway or entry space.

Shop Strategically

Once you know the right size rug for each space, you can start shopping. Take your room measurements with you for easy size comparison. Most rugs are available in standard sizes, so you may need to round up or down.

Remember that rug sizes generally refer to the dimensions of the actual fabric and don’t include any border or fringe. Add an extra 6-12 inches overall for a generous fringe. Popular rug sizes like 5×8, 8×10, and 9×12 feet are easier to find.

Custom or made-to-measure rugs are great if you need an exact fit but tend to be more expensive. Start your search early, especially if you want an uncommon size or specific material like a wool rug. It can take time to find just the right dimensions and style.

Consider Area Rugs vs. Wall-to-Wall

One final choice is area rugs versus wall-to-wall carpeting. Area rugs are versatile and easy to swap out. But wall-to-wall carpeting can make a space feel cohesive. 

For resale value, neutral wall-to-wall carpets are ideal in bedrooms and secondary rooms. 

Use area rugs in main living spaces if you want to change up the look more easily. Multi-purpose rooms and open floor plans are also better suited to area rugs. They allow you to define specific functional zones in larger spaces.

How to Choose the Perfect Size Rug for Your Home

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Some Amazing Tips for Rug Placement

Once you’ve brought your perfect-sized rug home, use these tips for proper placement:

  • Make sure the rug is centered in the room or under the key furniture pieces as planned.
  • Check for an adequate bare floor border around the edges, about 12-18 inches depending on traffic.
  • Make sure furniture legs sit squarely on the rug without creating tipping hazards.
  • Use rug pads or grip tape to keep area rugs from sliding on smooth floors.
  • Balance function and style – don’t size up a plush shag rug for a high-traffic area for example.
  • Rotate the rug occasionally to minimize uneven wear patterns over time.

With some thoughtful measurements and planning to improve your lifestyle, you can find a rug size with the right proportions for your space. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to rug decorating success.


Determining the right size rug for the living room, bedroom, entryway or other space doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Don’t worry if you are a beginner and trying to find out how to pick the perfect size rug. Start by carefully measuring your room and thinking about its layout and traffic patterns.

Shop for standard rug dimensions that follow the two-thirds rule for proportions. Allow 18-24 inches of bare floor border for traffic flow. And don’t forget the details like rug pads, rotation, and placement.

With this approach, you can confidently pick the perfect size rug to pull your whole room together.

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